Monday, February 29, 2016

My favourite book task

My favorite book is about the big friendly giant.I like this book because it is about a giant that makes a friend named Sophie and she is a human.The author is by Roald Dahl and I think that he is a really good author and i like his books.I chose to to wright about the big friendly giant because the story has funny words in it.Some of the other books that Roald Dahl wrote are Charlie And The Chocolate factory,The Twits,Matilda,Fantastic Mr Fox and Gorges Marvelous Medison. The big friendly giant eats snozecumbers and he keeps dreams in jars and he carry's a suitcase and he keeps his trumpet in his suitcase.The big friendly giant has long skinny legs and arms,eyes as thin as paper and they look like dots he wears old long pants he wears old orangery brown sandles he has big ears and he can hear little ants talking and i think that is amazing and really impressive.this is my most favourite book i have ever read.                   

Friday, February 12, 2016

My first blog post 2016

Hello my name is Rain. I am seven years old and I am now a student in Rimu Hub. I really enjoyed walking into a new hub and a new class. So far we have been learning how to do freestyle in the pool, we also have been learning about hockey, how to use the quiet room and your devices. I love netball, animals, books, games, and swimming. I also like going to birthdays. At hockey we played seaweed to warm up and we played hockey tackle. It was so fun playing seaweed and hockey tackle. Some of the most favorite things we did with our learning buddies is buddy reading and our venn diagram. In my family there is my dad, my mum, me and my big sister Lake. So far I think that it has been a good start for two weeks and I have loved school so far. In room twenty one you get three teachers but you still have one homeroom teacher. Our learning tasks are our venn diagram, our name tag, our favorite book and our puzzle piece. My best thing is my favorite book. The best thing about school is learning and getting to see all your friends. I love school.