Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My learning in Rimu hub this year

Hi my name is Rain and today I am going to be blogging about my learning in Rimu hub.This year I have three teachers and my teachers are Mr Moriarty Mrs Love and Mrs Carr. Our class has three home rooms but we share the learning space like one big classroom. In our class we have 4 trusted spaces this is how the trusted learning space works the people who got a postcard or a certificate they get to chose who to work with in the trusted space but the teachers chose what trusted space there is all a maximum of people that can work in the trusted learning space and if your not good you get kicked out.

There is also a silent room it is a space where you can work but you have to be quiet and if your not you get sent out and you cant go back in for the rest of the day. We also have learning buddy's and learning buddy groups my learning buddy Tyla Smith and the people that are in my learning buddy are Aston and Luke I like my learning buddy group because they help me finish my learning tasks and they ask me if I need help. So far I have learnt a lot of things from the workshops I have learnt where to put full stops I have learnt how to add fractions and I have also learnt what a ratio is but there is way more things that I learnt. 

This year as a year four it has been different so I have tried a lot harder than I have to get all my learning task done we have them for about three or four weeks and then we have Friday fun day I haven't got to Friday fun day yet but I know that one day I will get to Friday fun day. This year I have also made some new friends they are very nice and helpful people that I know I would tell you there names but there are too much. This year I have also settled in Rimu hub very well and I have made a good start for the year it is very exciting to be in Rimu hub this year with all the year fives fours and sixes and it also makes it a lot easier to learn with all there help from them. 

My favourite thing to do in class is my must do's because there good to get you thinking and there good to get you working right now my favourite must do is my happy poem I think I did a great job. One thing that I am very excited about is parent interviews because my parents can see all the wonderful things I have done and the things I have not quite reached the goal at but I will still be happy but most of the time when it is parent interviews I get a bit shy and don't talk but I still like interviews. 

We have this tracking sheet it is when you have the must do's on the top row and going down the side is your name you have to find you name and you also have to find the must do it is and from that must do go down to your name and there will be a little box in that box you have to make a link but before you go on the tracking sheet you have to go on the must do that your putting on the tracking go up to your shortener make and click on the word that says copy then go back on the tracking sheet make a link in the box you need it to be in and press the button that has a ctrl that is short for control and press v at the same time and it will come up with a lot of different numbers and words then you go to the top of the link where it says text and write what your must do is and then the teachers will cheek it if it is red the link doesn't work if it is orange you need to read your feed back and make some changes if it is green you are totally finished but if it is white it needs to be checked. 

We have also started to make our house chant I am in hoiho we got to chose one thing to keep we don't actually have our real house leader but I think that the leaders for now are great. I think that the chant that we have is great it is one of the best chants I have ever heard and seen.