Saturday, July 29, 2017

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Hi guys welcome back! Today I am going to be blogging about Rimu Hub Term 2.When I say I am going to blog about Rimu Hub I mean I am going to blog about what I think about Rimu hub, what we do in Rimu hub and lots more. Unfortunately I am only going to tell you guys about what happened so far in the year.  

😊Rimu Hub 2017😊
Term 1
Term 1 we got to meet our teacher and our class mates. We also got to meet our friends again. In term one the teachers introduced us to a lot of new things.  The teachers introduced us to the learning log,the Younglings,Padawans,Jedi knight and Jedi masters and more things. Term 1 was also the term we learnt what our maths groups are. 

If I was to count all the times we did fitness and P.E I would lose track. Our class is very sporty. We had a very good swimming competition and we also had a lot of sports going on. Also in aparear time the teachers would take us out for a big run or a game. 

Last term we all had camp. The year fives and sixes went to camp kaitawa in 3 different groups and the year fours went to Mount Bruce. I don't know that much about the year fours camp but what I do know is that they all had a great time by the looks of how they came back. But I do know that the first group to go to camp Kaitawa had an amazing time. We all came back with smiles on our faces.

So I am going to do a little reflection on term 1.
This Term I really enjoyed the new challenges and falling into the learning pit and finding a way to get out. I have set myself a few goals for next term and I am hoping I can accomplish them. This term I have had some downs but I think I did well. Next term I should try and not get distracted. 

Term 2
This term the teachers have got a whole lot of new things to introduce. Well maybe not everything but some things. They have introduced us to green cards and groups. When we get a green card its a point to your group.

This term we have had some challenges. Our first one was to make a rap and a piece of art about the holidays with our group. And the second one was to make a  song out of instruments and again we had to do this challenge with our group.

We have had so many fun rich tasks this term and they all had a problem and we needed to solve it. My favourite would have to be the 36's because we all learnt something new and it is a big chalenge to solve.

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