Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My colour poem

My color poem
   Hello and welcome back to my blog. My name is Rain and today I will be blogging about my coluor poem. I have chosen to blog bout my color poem because I worked so hard on it and I really really wanted to share it on my blog post. 

My favourite would be the 7th one because I tried my hardest to think of one. The 3 most important things you need in your color poem is a verb, a adverb and there was one more I couldn't remember. I chose the colour pink because there are lots of thing that are pink and I do not use pink in lots of things but I also chose it because my friend gave me an idea of a colour because I didn't know what color to do. For the colour poem you had to write down a sentence that had the three important things in it. If you would like an example here is a photo of my color poem.

Pink is the color of…….

  1. Pink is the color of a heart slowly beating in our body.
  2. Pink is the color of paint gently getting stroked on a wall.   
  3. Pink is the color of a flamingo patiently standing on one foot.
  4. Pink is the color of a pencil case sitting on the floor openly.    
  5. Pink is the color of a T-shirt sitting in the wardrobe all lonely.
  6. Pink is the color  of sock stuck to my feet sweaty and smelly.
7. Pink is the color of a worm slowly slithering around the cold floor.

So I hope you enjoyed I will see you a next time BYE


  1. Nice work rain, awesome writing, I think you have used great words in it. I really love the sentence with worm slithering on the ground it is really creative. I also think that you had a great intro and conclusion. Keep up the awesome blog posts.

  2. Great colour poem Rain! I love all your ideas they are great, they are also very creative.
    Keep up the awesome work :)