Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Learning Muscles

Our learning muscles
Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about our learning muscles. In this blog post you will learn lots of different things like what learning muscles are, how many learning muscles are there and lots more. I have chosen to do this blog post because we have been learning lots about learning muscles and I have been using them a lot.

In rimu we have been learning about learning muscles. Learning muscles are 17 different muscles in your brain. You use them for lots of different things. I use our learning muscles in learning task time, during home time and in lots more places.

The learning muscles or have different group known as Resilience, Reciprocity, Resourcefulness and Reflectiveness. Resilience means to be ready, willing and also to be able to get focused on your learning. Reciprocity means being ready, willing and able to learn alone but still be with others.  Resourcefulness means being ready,willing and able to learn in lots of different ways. Reflectiveness means being ready willing and able to be more strategic about your learning. The learning muscles are really helpful and sometimes you don't even know that you have been using your learning muscles.

 Now here is what the learning muscles are called. In Resilience there is Managing distractions, absorption, perseverance, noticing meaning. In Reciprocity there is imitation, interdependence, collaboration, empathy and listening. Then in  Resourcefulness there is capitalizing, reasoning, imagining, questioning and making links. And last but not least in Reflectiveness there is Distilling, meta-learning, revising and planning. 

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