Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Art Blog Post


Monday 7th november 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my amazing blog. I think you already know what m blog post is about from the title but I am going to tell you again anyway so for todays blog post I am going to be blogging about my art. So instead of telling you what you will learn I am going to just go into the next paragraph. So lets get onto the second paragraph.

Okay so right now I am going to be telling you about the basic things like what kind of art am I doing and things like that. Okay for starters I am doing sketching because I really want to be able to sketch things and learn a lot of tips that I can maybe use in my drawing. And I also went in sketching because the sketching looked really cool and it looked like something that I can try for something different.

Okay dokay congrats you have read all the way to the third paragraph... Anyway for my art I have decided to draw three different things. And those things are an elephant, art supplies and pencils. My favourite was the pencils because it had a different design then the others and it just looked really cool. My second favourite is the elephant because it looked really cool and I worked really hard to finish it to my personal best.

Right. So now I am going to be talking or typing more about my art. Okay so I have probably done the best drawing I can do or best sketching I can in my entire year 4 life. So for some reason I can not think of anything to start with for my sentence starters than so. Anyway for this paragraph I a going to be telling you some tips that I got taught during my art. Okay so the first one was one that I got from Khushi and it was a tip about smudging. She said that I should try and put my thumb, middle and ring finger together and then start smudging. The next one was with Mrs Carr she told us a way of doing the shadow. She said to place the object on a table or something and whatever side the light is on the opposite side will be the shadow and if you move it the shadow will go bigger or smaller. and I actually think that there were only 2 tips that I learnt through my whole of my art time.

So in this paragraph I am going to be typing about. The things I sketched so lets do this... Okay so for starters I decided to do an elephant because they are so cute and I really like elephants. And I decided to do some school supplies because I thought that it would be simple but it turns out that it is not that simple it is really hard to do school supplies. And last but not least I did a bunch of pencils because I actually got the idea from Maia Williams but I had to do something that is not exactly like hers so I put some of my ideas in it.

So now I am going to be showing you my picture...

So that was my art blog post I hope you enjoyed and really liked my blog post. Please comment what you like abut this blog post and tell me what your favourite art is. And I also think that you did enjoy this blog post because I have read it lots of times and I have totally enjoyed this blog post and yeah so I will see you in my next blog post which will be about some more learning. See you later.  


  1. awesome work Rain I love your careful
    shading. keep u[ the good work.:]:]:]

  2. I love your blog post so much I also love how much effete you put in it. I did painting for my art but your art is also awesome. I love your blog post so much and enjoy reading them to. I hope you had lots and lots of fun doing your art I know I had fun doing my :)

  3. WOW!!!!!!! Rain I really like the pencils the most and good job on your art it looks wonderful Rain:):)

  4. Wow I like your Art Rain it is so cool with all the sketching and detail evolved it looks amazing.good work Rain I love it.(:(:
    By Amie

  5. What great art Rain. I really like all the detail you put into your blog post and your art. My favorite thing about your art would be the elephant. I think you did really well with your skills that you had to learn for sketching and I think that you could be a great sketcher when your older. I really like the shading in the elephant and how the bottom of the elephant was uneven. It gave it a really nice look. My second favorite thing on your artwork is the the pencils. What I like about the pencils is how they aren't the same length and the same shade. Great work Rain. Keep up the AWESOME work!!!