Monday, February 20, 2017

My waka art

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be blogging about my waka art. In this blog you will be able to see my waka art and my waka writing.

Here is a photo of my waka art.

Here is my waka writing.

At the top of my art I drew stars representing the people that I love that have passed away. Then in the middle I have a maori sentence saying me aroha aotearoa meaning I love New Zealand. Then I drew a box around it and coloured it in a dark shade of greenish blue. Then at the very bottom of my art I have 4 korus representing my family and as you can see there is a love heart in the middle of our family. The big green koru on the left is my dad and yes his favourite color is green but a lime green. The one beside the big green koru is me. Then there is the love heart and next to the love heart is a blue koro that represents my sister but it is hard to see because the background is blue as well. Next to the blue koru is another purple koru that represents my mum. Then there is a green bit which is the hills and they represent nature.     

I love my waka art and I think I did really well. I took my time and at the end it looked beautiful. so that was my blog post I hope you liked it and bye.