Thursday, May 26, 2016

My reading task

Hello and welcome back yo my blog today I am going to be blogging about my reading task. I have chose to do this for my blog post because I have worked on my reading task for a long time and I think that I did a great job. 

For our reading task we have to make a puppet the puppet that we are making is a glove puppet and we also had to put on a show we could also do it with a buddy if we wanted my buddy is Naomi. First we had to write down all of the things we need. Then we write down a list of the things that are not on the art trolley. After that we had to write down a script and make the puppets for the show it took a long time.

My favourite part of my reading task is doing the script because I like writing scripts. In the puppet show we are doing a tall tale so it is not the exact same as the real one. When we found out that for our reading task we have to make puppets Mrs Love also said " That we cant make the puppet show to easy and it cant be to hard " so me and Naomi my buddy went to go on a table and thought of a puppet show that we can do that is not  to easy and not to hard and then we thought of a great idea we can do little red riding hood. The characters are Little Red Riding Hood that is Naomi she is also Gran and I am the Wolf I am also the wood cutter. 

My second favourite part is making the puppets because it is very fun to make with all the materials that we had and drawing around or hand was fun I really enjoyed making the puppets. 

Here is a photo of the script

Hello everyone my name is Rain and today me and Naomi are going to tell you about little red riding hood.
Naomi(little red riding hood)
Hi I am little red riding hood but they call me little red. I am going to take some blueberry muffins to my gran who is sick. My mum told me to not talk to any strangers especially wolfs because gran lives on the other side of the woods. Here I go.lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.
Off goes little red riding hood singing through the woods. On her way there she met the wood cutter.
Rain(wood cutter)
Hello little red how are you today.
Naomi(little red)
I’m good wood cutter , I’m just going to deliver some blueberry muffins to gran she has a bad cold you know.
Woodcutter (me)
Just say hello to her for me.
Naomi(Little red riding hood)
Okay see you soon wood cutter
And off goes little red following the path to  her gran's house on the way  there she saw a wolf.
Naomi (little red)
Oh a wolf.Hello!
Me( wolf)hello little girl,can i have some of your muffins?
Naomi(little red)
Sorry, these are for my gran.
So little red skipped along to gran’s hose but didn’t notice the wolf got there first and sneaked in the back door.
Naomi(little red)
Hi granny, how are you feeling?
Here’s a blueberry muffin for you
   I have a sick tummy

Naomi(little red)
Oh i think mum gave me one blueberry for the wolf,(which is poisonous) . gran, real gran where are you?
I’m over here,in the closet darling!
So little red riding hood unlocked the closet and helped gran into bed.
Naomi (Little red)  
Would you like a muffin gran?
Naomi (gran)
Yes please derry.

And they lived happily ever after.
The end