Monday, November 7, 2016

My Maths Blog

Welcome and hello. Today I am going to be blogging about my maths. In this blog post you will learn a lot of new things about my maths some things like what stage level am I, what I like about maths, activity we do in maths and lots more. So now that I have told you everything that you need to know lets get onto the next paragraph.

So lets start with the basics. I used to be a stage 5b and I have just made it to stage 6a today which is Wednesday 2nd November 2016. I actually haven't been with the stage sixes because they have been the people that are a stage 6 have been a stage 6 for a while and we are just beginners so Mrs Love taught us some stage 6 things instead of going straight to stage 6.

When we were with Mrs Love we got taught how to solve big time tables like 42x5= . So what you would do to solve a problem like 42x5= you would split the number and so you would have 40 and 20. then after you have finished that you would do 40x5= and 2x5=. And then the next step is to figure out the answer to the number story and there is a little trick what you do is 4x5= and then you add the 0 at the end and that is for the ten number so you will only do it on the ten number. So for the figuring out the answer it would be 40x5=200 and then I would do 2x5=10 and then add those together. and that would equal 210 so 42x5=210.

I really love math it is probably my first favorite subject. The thing I like about it is how you get challenging problems and how there are lots of amazing ways to figure out the answer to the question. I also really like to challenge myself and in maths there are lots of challenging things so I not only like maths but I also think that maths is a really good thing for me. My favorite thing that I like about maths is how you get to figure out some really cool maths problems and they are so challenging so yeah that was my favorite bit of maths and I also love doing 5 timetable races.

O.K so my favorite activity or activity's are the fife timetables race and the bowling game. So the 5 timetable race is when you have a buddy and Mrs Love asks us a 5 timetable question and the first on to answer is the person that stays in for the next round. And if you get to the last round or you get out on the 4th-last round you will be put up on the board with what place you came in. Once I made it to the second to last round and then Naomi just bet me but I was still proud of myself. And the bowling game is where you have numbers 1-20 or 1-10 and you have 3 or 4 numbers and you have to try and bowl down the numbers and you also can't use the same number twice. I am really good at that game and I get every answer right. and we also play other games like maths snap a game where you have an equal amount of cards and you flip the cards and then you can answer the question by using your 2,5 and 10 timetables. And there is also where you go on the symbaloo and you play Tablesmaster and practise your 5 times tables. And my highest is 31 seconds.

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  1. good maths rain that is really good i wish i was as good as you i hope you lern more next year and there heps of righting to good job. (: (: (: (: (: (: