Tuesday, November 22, 2016

P.E blog post

Hey guys welcome back today I am going to be blogging about P.E. In this blog post you will learn about about things we do in P.E what groups we have in P.E and lots more. So that is the intro hope you liked it and lets get onto the actual blog post.

So in P.E we all are in groups and the groups are Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic I am in Atlantic and our group is kind of small. When you are being silly or you don't remember what group your in the teachers will put you in a different group. for example I was in Pacific but I couldn't remember what group I was in so they put me in Atlantic. Sometimes I wish I was in a different group because the activitys are hard and sometimes it takes me a while to get used to the activity but I will get the hang of it.

So in P.E we do lots of activities some of the activities we did are the Olympics, rugby, soccer and volleyball. The Olympics was a P.E activity when you have a little group and your team name has to be a country my country name was Portugal. Then we have some competitions and if you are not having a competition then you practice some skills. And then if you lose you go and practice another sport. And the rest of the activitys are big ball activitys.

OK! So now I am going to be telling you what I learnt during P.E...

  1. I learnt how to play soccer with Mrs. Love.
  2. I learnt how to play rugby with Mr.M.
  3. I learnt how to play volleyball with Mrs.Carr.
  4. I learnt how to play basketball with Mrs. Love, Mr.M and Mrs.Carr.
  5. I learnt how to play a little bit of handball.
  6. I learnt how to play capture the flag with Mrs. Love
  7. I learnt how to play the rock paper scissors game with Mrs. Bassset.
So here is my P.E reflection hope you like it... 

PE/Athletics reflection

Choose 5 questions to answer with ADDED DETAIL and GOOD THINKING. Delete the questions you have not answered.

  1. What was your favourite event at athletics day? Explain My favourite event at the athletics day was the 200m run because it was not to long and not to short. But I also came 3rd so I was very happy with myself.
  2. Who is an athletics role model for you? Explain. Caitlyn because she tries lots of things.
  1. What was your best performance at Athletics day? Explain The 200m run because I tried my personal best and came 3rd place. I also ran really fast and enjoyed running.
  2. What was your proudest moment at Athletics Day? Explain. When I did the 100m run and I came 3rd and made it to the semifinals and then in the finals I came 4th or 5th.
  3. Set yourself a goal for the Interschools/next year’s Athletics Day. To try everything and do my hardest in every event.

And last but not least here is some of my photos...

Here is me jumping.
Here is me running.
Here is me throwing.

So that was my blog post hope you enjoyed because I really enjoyed it and I did my absolute personal best. And please write a comment if you liked my blog post.        


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Art Blog Post


Monday 7th november 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my amazing blog. I think you already know what m blog post is about from the title but I am going to tell you again anyway so for todays blog post I am going to be blogging about my art. So instead of telling you what you will learn I am going to just go into the next paragraph. So lets get onto the second paragraph.

Okay so right now I am going to be telling you about the basic things like what kind of art am I doing and things like that. Okay for starters I am doing sketching because I really want to be able to sketch things and learn a lot of tips that I can maybe use in my drawing. And I also went in sketching because the sketching looked really cool and it looked like something that I can try for something different.

Okay dokay congrats you have read all the way to the third paragraph... Anyway for my art I have decided to draw three different things. And those things are an elephant, art supplies and pencils. My favourite was the pencils because it had a different design then the others and it just looked really cool. My second favourite is the elephant because it looked really cool and I worked really hard to finish it to my personal best.

Right. So now I am going to be talking or typing more about my art. Okay so I have probably done the best drawing I can do or best sketching I can in my entire year 4 life. So for some reason I can not think of anything to start with for my sentence starters than so. Anyway for this paragraph I a going to be telling you some tips that I got taught during my art. Okay so the first one was one that I got from Khushi and it was a tip about smudging. She said that I should try and put my thumb, middle and ring finger together and then start smudging. The next one was with Mrs Carr she told us a way of doing the shadow. She said to place the object on a table or something and whatever side the light is on the opposite side will be the shadow and if you move it the shadow will go bigger or smaller. and I actually think that there were only 2 tips that I learnt through my whole of my art time.

So in this paragraph I am going to be typing about. The things I sketched so lets do this... Okay so for starters I decided to do an elephant because they are so cute and I really like elephants. And I decided to do some school supplies because I thought that it would be simple but it turns out that it is not that simple it is really hard to do school supplies. And last but not least I did a bunch of pencils because I actually got the idea from Maia Williams but I had to do something that is not exactly like hers so I put some of my ideas in it.

So now I am going to be showing you my picture...

So that was my art blog post I hope you enjoyed and really liked my blog post. Please comment what you like abut this blog post and tell me what your favourite art is. And I also think that you did enjoy this blog post because I have read it lots of times and I have totally enjoyed this blog post and yeah so I will see you in my next blog post which will be about some more learning. See you later.  

Monday, November 7, 2016

My Maths Blog

Welcome and hello. Today I am going to be blogging about my maths. In this blog post you will learn a lot of new things about my maths some things like what stage level am I, what I like about maths, activity we do in maths and lots more. So now that I have told you everything that you need to know lets get onto the next paragraph.

So lets start with the basics. I used to be a stage 5b and I have just made it to stage 6a today which is Wednesday 2nd November 2016. I actually haven't been with the stage sixes because they have been the people that are a stage 6 have been a stage 6 for a while and we are just beginners so Mrs Love taught us some stage 6 things instead of going straight to stage 6.

When we were with Mrs Love we got taught how to solve big time tables like 42x5= . So what you would do to solve a problem like 42x5= you would split the number and so you would have 40 and 20. then after you have finished that you would do 40x5= and 2x5=. And then the next step is to figure out the answer to the number story and there is a little trick what you do is 4x5= and then you add the 0 at the end and that is for the ten number so you will only do it on the ten number. So for the figuring out the answer it would be 40x5=200 and then I would do 2x5=10 and then add those together. and that would equal 210 so 42x5=210.

I really love math it is probably my first favorite subject. The thing I like about it is how you get challenging problems and how there are lots of amazing ways to figure out the answer to the question. I also really like to challenge myself and in maths there are lots of challenging things so I not only like maths but I also think that maths is a really good thing for me. My favorite thing that I like about maths is how you get to figure out some really cool maths problems and they are so challenging so yeah that was my favorite bit of maths and I also love doing 5 timetable races.

O.K so my favorite activity or activity's are the fife timetables race and the bowling game. So the 5 timetable race is when you have a buddy and Mrs Love asks us a 5 timetable question and the first on to answer is the person that stays in for the next round. And if you get to the last round or you get out on the 4th-last round you will be put up on the board with what place you came in. Once I made it to the second to last round and then Naomi just bet me but I was still proud of myself. And the bowling game is where you have numbers 1-20 or 1-10 and you have 3 or 4 numbers and you have to try and bowl down the numbers and you also can't use the same number twice. I am really good at that game and I get every answer right. and we also play other games like maths snap a game where you have an equal amount of cards and you flip the cards and then you can answer the question by using your 2,5 and 10 timetables. And there is also where you go on the symbaloo and you play Tablesmaster and practise your 5 times tables. And my highest is 31 seconds.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

My writing

Hi guys and welcome back to another blog post. For todays blog post I am going to be blogging about my writing. In this blog post you will find out some facts and learn some new things about my writing like what my writing level is, what I am aiming on for my next writing level, how I enjoy writing and lots more. So that is all you need to know for the intro so lets get onto the actual blog post.

So for starters I am a level 2ii and I am trying to get to a level 3i or a level 3ii. I aim for things that i want to be better at like for my writing i really want to at least be a level 3i. The writing that I do is mostly at my level if it is not I am either at a lower level or I am at a higher level. 

I absolutely love writing it is one of my favourite subject in school. I love writing because you can learn lots of things and it is really fun and I really like it. My favorite thing about writing is getting to write anything and how you get to learn a lot of different things .I think that it is just really really fun to write. 

So now I am going to be showing you my writing. For this weeks writing I am doing a compare and a contrast essay which is at a level 4i writing. I chose to compare and contrast a wolf and a domesticated dog. During my writing I found out a lot of different facts and I also did a lot of editing. And I mean a lot of editing I had to make sure it made sense and that took forever. I had to make sure that it was at my personal best. and a lot more editing and that was the hard part because all I wanted to do was just finish it but I had to edit it lots of times.

Essay Success Criteria
  • Uses scientific vocabulary
  • Revised and edited
  • Accurate paragraphs with subheadings
  • Essay structure followed
  • No personal pronouns
  • Factual
  • Detailed ideas
  • Sentences- different lengths and beginnings
  • Optional personal goal

Comparing wolves and dogs

By comparing wolves and domesticated dogs they don't have lots of similarities that make them kind of unique from each other. While both wolves and domesticated dogs still have lots of different and unique facts.


Dogs and modern day wolves are involved in a common ancestor. Some of the ancestors were from 333,000 years ago. And from then dog and wolves have shared many trails that have linked them through the mallaina.    

Both wolf and dog have the same start of their scientific name which is Canis lupus but in the dog's scientific name they have the familiars part in it. Dogs and wolves are exactly the same species. That is because now the dog is now known as the Canis Lupus Familiaris and not just Canipus Familiars.

Dogs and wolves are carnivores but the dog is just a bit more omnivorous than a carnivore. An omnivore is when you eat meat and plants so a dog is a carnivore but they are also an omnivore because they eat plants. And a carnivore is when you only eat meat so a wolf also known as the grey wolf will only eat meat.   

The wolf is a carnivores which means that they only eat meat. A single wolf is capable of catching a deer for their dinner. But they will also choose to eat smaller mammals, bird fish lizards snakes, fish and fruit. If they are in a pack they will also catch larger mammals like deer, moose or elk.   

The gray wolf which is also known as the wolf’s head and body is 91-160 centimeters tall and their tail is 33-51 centimeters long. Wolves way about 40-175 lbs which is also known as 18-79 kgs. A wolf is 80-85 centimeters tall when they are adults at their shoulder. A wolf can live up to 6-8 years in the wild.

All of the wolves travel and hunt in a pack of 8 or 7. The leaders are the mum and dad also known as the alphas. Then the mum and dad have to bring along their pups and their older offspring. The leaders will always make sure that their pack is safe, choose and hunt prey and choose den sites and establish the pack's territory. Wolves do not actually howl at night they are most likely to howl at dawn and they will also howl more lighter at night.    

Dogs will bury their toys and bones for later savings. Dogs actually do howl but their howl has more of a bark in it. Dogs have lots of useful tasks for humans like hunting farm work and helping out blind ones. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell they can smell 100 million times lower than a human can. Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell they are better than humans at earing. Dogs can hear four times the distance.

The dog's height is 6.3-110 cm tall this at the shoulder. A labrador retriever is 65-80 lbs, the german shepherd is 75-95 lbs. And the yorkshire terrier is less than 7 lbs. And last but not least the golden retriever is 65-75 lbs. The dogs actual life span is 10-13 years.    

The dogs nickname is called the man’s best friend. Because the dogs have formed such a great bond as being humans pets that they have decided to call them a nickname. Which has turned up to be a man's best friend.

Both wolves and dogs are to medium sized mammals that are carnivores. They both have lots of things in common, while they both have lots of unique facts.