Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rippa Rugby

Tuesday 27 June 2017
It was 8:45 when the bell rang and everyone was on the mat. In my head I knew I was gong to have a good time at rippa. Mrs paddock quickly did the roll before all the rippa people could go. then I hear my name go, I quickly grabbed my bag and headed towards the hall.

As I enter the hall I can see my team so I go and sit in my line. Its a long wait until we go on the bus so me and my friends start talking. Then Miss Hill tells us a little bit about whats going to happen and some rules. After that we go to our parent Norm and he leaded us to the bus.

When we gt to the bus we all waited for about 3 minutes then we all hoped in the bus. It was a long ride to the park where the rippa rugby was held but it was a fun ride too.

When we got to the park we hoped out of the bus and we had a little practice before we got dressed into our parkvale t-shirts. When we were dressed we went over to where we were first having our game. Out of all of our games I think we won 5.

I had a really fun time at rippa. I really enjoyed our last game, it was really fun and most of all we won. 

Rimu Hub

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Hi guys welcome back! Today I am going to be blogging about Rimu Hub Term 2.When I say I am going to blog about Rimu Hub I mean I am going to blog about what I think about Rimu hub, what we do in Rimu hub and lots more. Unfortunately I am only going to tell you guys about what happened so far in the year.  

😊Rimu Hub 2017😊
Term 1
Term 1 we got to meet our teacher and our class mates. We also got to meet our friends again. In term one the teachers introduced us to a lot of new things.  The teachers introduced us to the learning log,the Younglings,Padawans,Jedi knight and Jedi masters and more things. Term 1 was also the term we learnt what our maths groups are. 

If I was to count all the times we did fitness and P.E I would lose track. Our class is very sporty. We had a very good swimming competition and we also had a lot of sports going on. Also in aparear time the teachers would take us out for a big run or a game. 

Last term we all had camp. The year fives and sixes went to camp kaitawa in 3 different groups and the year fours went to Mount Bruce. I don't know that much about the year fours camp but what I do know is that they all had a great time by the looks of how they came back. But I do know that the first group to go to camp Kaitawa had an amazing time. We all came back with smiles on our faces.

So I am going to do a little reflection on term 1.
This Term I really enjoyed the new challenges and falling into the learning pit and finding a way to get out. I have set myself a few goals for next term and I am hoping I can accomplish them. This term I have had some downs but I think I did well. Next term I should try and not get distracted. 

Term 2
This term the teachers have got a whole lot of new things to introduce. Well maybe not everything but some things. They have introduced us to green cards and groups. When we get a green card its a point to your group.

This term we have had some challenges. Our first one was to make a rap and a piece of art about the holidays with our group. And the second one was to make a  song out of instruments and again we had to do this challenge with our group.

We have had so many fun rich tasks this term and they all had a problem and we needed to solve it. My favourite would have to be the 36's because we all learnt something new and it is a big chalenge to solve.

Interdependence Blog Post

Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be blogging about our interdependence task. We worked in a group of 12 to make a rap and the topic was the holidays. We also needed to draw a picture of one thing for each person of the holiday.

It was a competition and our group (the x-wings) won. It was very fun and I think we all did a great job. We had the boys except for dion doing the rap and the girls including dion doing the art. The people in our group are... Dion,Charlie F, Lauryn, Nehemia, Paris,Millie,Zane,Benji,Halo,Sienna, and there was one more person.

Our rap was really cool. The boys figured out a really cool rap and it was amazing. They all had a turn of saying a part of the rap and they used their boddy as an instrament. I really liked going to the front and performing.

A little reflection.

What did you enjoy... I enjoyed going to the front and performing.

What did you learn... more about interdependence.

what was challenging... I found the art a little challenging.

My bush poster

Hello and welcome back to my blog. In this blog you will see my bush poster. And some writing of my bush poster.

Here is my bush poster.

as you can see I have tried my personal best to do my bush poster.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Camp Memories

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I will be blogging about my camp memories. In this blog post you will see some of the great memories from camp. In this blog post you will see my slide show about camp and you will see all the amazing thing we did at camp Kaitawa.

Here is my sideshow.
As you look through the slideshow I would like you to read my writings and look at the photos and read the captions too. I would also like you to try and look at some videos. If you can at the end of this blog post please comment what you think about my slideshow and my blog post.

At camp we all had so much fun and I'm sure that I will remember this camp for the rest of my life.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My waka art

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be blogging about my waka art. In this blog you will be able to see my waka art and my waka writing.

Here is a photo of my waka art.

Here is my waka writing.

At the top of my art I drew stars representing the people that I love that have passed away. Then in the middle I have a maori sentence saying me aroha aotearoa meaning I love New Zealand. Then I drew a box around it and coloured it in a dark shade of greenish blue. Then at the very bottom of my art I have 4 korus representing my family and as you can see there is a love heart in the middle of our family. The big green koru on the left is my dad and yes his favourite color is green but a lime green. The one beside the big green koru is me. Then there is the love heart and next to the love heart is a blue koro that represents my sister but it is hard to see because the background is blue as well. Next to the blue koru is another purple koru that represents my mum. Then there is a green bit which is the hills and they represent nature.     

I love my waka art and I think I did really well. I took my time and at the end it looked beautiful. so that was my blog post I hope you liked it and bye.