Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rippa Rugby

Tuesday 27 June 2017
It was 8:45 when the bell rang and everyone was on the mat. In my head I knew I was gong to have a good time at rippa. Mrs paddock quickly did the roll before all the rippa people could go. then I hear my name go, I quickly grabbed my bag and headed towards the hall.

As I enter the hall I can see my team so I go and sit in my line. Its a long wait until we go on the bus so me and my friends start talking. Then Miss Hill tells us a little bit about whats going to happen and some rules. After that we go to our parent Norm and he leaded us to the bus.

When we gt to the bus we all waited for about 3 minutes then we all hoped in the bus. It was a long ride to the park where the rippa rugby was held but it was a fun ride too.

When we got to the park we hoped out of the bus and we had a little practice before we got dressed into our parkvale t-shirts. When we were dressed we went over to where we were first having our game. Out of all of our games I think we won 5.

I had a really fun time at rippa. I really enjoyed our last game, it was really fun and most of all we won. 

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