Monday, June 20, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be blogging about our matariki day on Tuesday. There were lots of workshops and we had to choose three of them. The three I chose was matariki story, rock painting I forgot the name of it and zumba.

My favourite would be zumba because it was exercising and very fun. I also liked the moves they were very fun to do and some moves were hard. There were lots of cool songs that I liked. The lady that took it was very good and I had plenty of fun doing zumba. 

My second favourite is the matariki story because we got to paint but we only painted the background and I love painting. I had some problems, that was when I was nailing and I got stuck in the learning pit but I managed to get out.

When it was lunch time we all walked into the hall you could smell and see the beautiful food that the Rory, Eva and Aston cooked. We sat down and had a little something to eat then we had to all listen to the teacher, then wait for our gender and year group to be called so that you can go up and collect your delicious food. The fish pie and the floaters were delicious the all tasted yum. 


This is me painting my rock.

This is me, Keighan H, Tyla S, Ella, Maia and the lady that was teaching us.


This is me nailing. 


  1. It looks like you had a great time at matariki.

  2. WOW! Rain that looks like so much fun!!
    I had lots of fun too!
    Matariki is really fun! You write nice long writings!
    Awesome job!!

    1. Wow thanks all your comments are amazing.

  3. wow that is some really cool photos I can see me in it and I am not
    really looking at the camrea and what a cool blog post.

  4. wow thaat looks like so mash fun it looks
    like you had a grat time. :] :]:]:]:]

  5. wow wow wow I like your blog post it is so so so cool and looks like you had a lot of fun fun fun :) :) :)