Sunday, June 19, 2016

My iproud

Hello my name is Rain and today I will be blogging about my iProud. An iProud is when you talk about your favourite learning. You have to say what your proud of and what was your biggest challenge. Here is and example using mine.

My Best Learning

This is my bio poem


Lovable, sporty, kind

Sister of Lake
Daughter of Sammy, Sam
Lover of Puppy, netball, school
Who fears  heights, darkness, scary movies
Who needs Family, animals, friends
Who wishes for Good health, Never die but stay young, baby
Who would like to see Paris
Who gives love to her family and friends, her time,
Citizen of Hastings, New Zealand

I am proud of this because I worked hard and done my personal best.
My biggest challenge was coloring it in because I did not know what colors to color it in.

I have decided to do my bio poem because I was really proud of myself and I think I did well so I have chosen to do my iProud. If you read my bio poem you learn lots of different things about me.

For our bio poem we had to all go to the mat and we had to do all the things the teacher said we had to do we could not just sit there and start dong it we all had to do it together. First we had to right or name at the top. Then we missed one and moved on to the next you had to write you sibling if you had one. Then you write your mum and your dad after that you write on your computer what you love and I love lots of things. when you have finished that we had to write your fears then we had to write down what you need. When you have finished that, you write what you wish for and what or who would you like to see. After that you write what you give, your citizen and then you can write your last name. But remember you are not finished you still have to that last thing that we skipped and that is three things you think you are like kind, shy or funny.

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